Monday, November 26, 2012

Rearrange Yours: Staging Tip of the Week

Rearrange Yours: Staging Tip of the Week: ENTRANCE Your front door is the welcome mat.   Walking to and through that front door will be the impression that sets the stage to buyer...

Staging Tip of the Week

Your front door is the welcome mat.  Walking to and through that front door will be the impression that sets the stage to buyer interest.  Make sure it’s clean and looks new.  Update the front door by replacing hardware and adding a kick plate if necessary.  Make the entry warm and welcoming…but…not hokey and over decorated.  Keep it simple and inviting.
Don't let your entrance look like this:

Make this critical impression look as if your home is ready for a photo shoot with Veranda Magazine!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

ReArrange YOURS Staging Tip of the Week

1.      Buyers first impression is on-line when they view photos.  The second is when they drive up to your home so look at the front of your house from a buyer’s perspective.  Do whatever is needed to make buyers feel good about seeing your home.  Repair and re-paint the exterior areas, including doors and shutters, as needed.  Pressure-wash all walkways, driveways and porches to make them look new again.  This will pay off as buyers will hopefully believe your home is well maintained.  If leaves are an issue, keep them cleared and make sure all beds are neat and inviting.    Remember, your curb appeal could motivate those passing by to take information and make an appointment to see your home.  
2.     Repair or replace fencesand gates.  Remove clutter from walkways and driveways.  Roll up garden hoses and either store them or make sure they are out of sight.  This is not the time to have children's  bikes and toys outside and make sure there's no evidence that an animal lives there.  The goal is to make buyers see themselves living there.  Your property should feel like a model home.
4.     Again, all flower beds need to be maintained and mulched.  Remove all dead plants.  Plant some flowers or add color bowls to make the exterior feel appealing.  Put in fresh new blooming plants in strategic places that get attention.  Keep your lawn watered, green and well maintained.
The following photo is an example of what you do NOT want people to see when they drive up.   This home needs pressure washing, raking and the lawn needs to be landscaped and some colorful plants should be added.  The trim is in need of repair and painting and the overall impression from the street needs more visual impact.  Trash in the yard and plastic chairs at the entry do NOT work to make buyers believe this home is a good investment!

This is a good example of a first impression you DO want to make.  It's well groomed and inviting.  The neighbor's yard also helps make the impression that this is a good neighborhood of people who care about their real estate investment.