Saturday, February 23, 2013

ReArrange YOURS aligns with Keller Williams Realtors

ReArrange Yours CEO June Walker is very excited to announce the decor and staging firm's new alliance with metro Nashville Realtors Christina Rownd and Brent Whitworth of Keller Williams in Hendersonville.  Both Realtors are extremely savvy marketers and understand great staging can sell a home faster at a better price. 

ReArrange YOURS stagers support our Realtors with a variety of services including full scale staging reports that help sellers focus on what the buyers see...what can be done to motivate a sale... and what may kill the offer.  Through photos and a detailed discussion in these reports, sellers view their property from drive up to departure. The goal is to help sellers understand what they need to do to make their home photograph, show well and sell. 

ReArrange YOURS also offers full staging and decor services for home and office.  Service explanation, portfolio and a sample report can be found at

ReArrange YOURS has exciting new projects in Ft Worth

After spending a month in Sedona incredibly beautiful and spiritual place...we are back to work and ready to use all our creative ideas to help our clients decorate or stage their homes for sale.

We have a really exciting new project coming up this spring where we create an updated image at Mediceuticals Laboratories Inc, the business owned by one of our favorite client's in Fort Worth TX .  After this project, our ReArrange YOURS team moves on to his home where we are turning his attic storage space into a club room.

What's a club room?  To this client it is a room that emulates a fishing/hunting lodge where he can tie his fishing flies and watch sports on the big screen.  Be sure to click onto our ReArrange YOURS spotlight page to see the before and after shots of this client's Ft Worth home.  At the end of the spotlight page, you will see the raw space and our starting point for the club room.  We hope to have some good after shots for you to see late this spring so keep watching our blog.