Monday, March 4, 2013

It's almost Spring...If you are selling your this staging tip!

Selling in a competitive market takes a real strategy to show and sell well.  If your goal is a fast sale at the best price, you have to make some sacrifices.  The minute you sign the contract to sell...set your mind on the fact that this property is no longer's the buyer's.  This means you have to stage it so the buyers see themselves living there...not your family.  Think model home...that's what it should be when the buyers drive up and walk through it. 

So make the commitment and do what buyers do.  Drive by and see what they see.  Drive up, park, walk in the front door.  These are the first impressions and they need to be good.  Once inside, look forward, right then left.  You have 15 seconds to make the next best impression.  This is the time when buyers either move through quickly and leave FOREVER...or they come back and look again.  If you've done your job and the property shows well...they could immediately make a contract. 

Now move on through the house and out back to see what they see.  Be painfully truthful with yourself.  What keeps your home and grounds from showing like a model home?  Now go to work!  Selling can be painful but when the clean up and staging is will feel so much better and so will those who view your property.

Once the work is done, take photos from drive the door...through the house and grounds.  This is what buyers will see when they are on line looking for a home.  This is the very first impression that motivates the appointment. 

Now if you want help...ReArrange YOURS is ready to either consult to help you know what to do...or we can do the job for you.  Contact us now.  615 -479-7391.