Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What made this house sell in 5 days after going on the market!

June Walker of ReArrange YOURS recently staged this home and it received a contract in just five days after going on the market. 

In the opinion of Realtor Brent Whitworth, staging helped make it get a contract in short time.  This couple worked diligently with June to make the changes needed to first make the house photograph well and second to make it show well and sell. 

ReArrange YOURS procedure is to help the sellers understand their pros and cons that will enhance and also hurt the overall impression.  They strive to see the house as buyers see it and these sellers walked the route up to and through their home, they agreed to the tasks and worked beside June to get them done.  The key is in understanding the impressions made as buyers drive up and look through the home.  The sellers also saw how photography makes the first vital impression.  What people see in the photographs will kill motivation to make an appointment or put the home on the list to view since most buyers find and preview homes first on the internet.

The second impression is curb appeal.  When buyers enter the street where a home is located, they begin analzying whether this home is for them or not.  What they see is very important from this point until they walk through the front door.  So making the exterior front show well is extremely important especially in winter when things are dreary.  Weed and feed.  Add new mulch.  Add color and clean up the yard so it looks well maintained.  If your front door needs painting and fixtures need replacing, do it.  You want the buyers to start thinking that this house is theirs!  This home was competing with new construction so having the landscaping in place and well groomed for the buyer wins points! 

The next impression is just inside the door.  Buyers look forward, right, forward and then left.  You have about 15 seconds to make this vital positive impression.  As buyers move through the house you want them to see the selling features more than your decorating.  Help them see their families living there not you. 

So clear the clutter, personal items (including all photos, awards and anything with  your names on it) and excess furnishings and show off  hardwoods, architecture and rooms that look and feel large.  A clean decluttered room will appear larger and this couple worked hard to move the furniture ...even a piano...around so that the rooms feel much larger.  You will be surprised at how a few small moves really affects the way a room shows.

The last thing we did after decluttering and rearranging this home was to photograph it so we can see what the buyers will see BEFORE the professional photos are taken.  This will help sellers know if more should be done to open up the spaces.

There's so much more we do to make homes sell faster at the price you want...and we can help you as well.  See the blog posting by Realtor Brent Whitworth below to verify this home went under contract in five days after getting it staged and on the market!  For more information on ReArrange YOURS services and references, go to  We can help!